​Our Yr. 5 & 6 classes will this year commence a one to one BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) iPad program. Teachers have participated in extensive professional development in anticipation of the introduction of this program in 2015. We have also allocated funds to allow for the support of an IT specialist providing mentoring for both teachers and students in the context of the classroom.We are very excited to be commencing this program that will allow us to further enhance the day to day learning activities in our Yr. 5 & 6 classrooms this year. But even more exciting for us is the possibilities waiting for us to create new learning tasks, previously inconceivable, for our students through the use and implementation of technology’.

Our Year 6 students will be continuing to work in a one to one Microsoft Surface RT devices program in 2016. This follows a successful school funded trial in 2014.The students will each be given a device (provided by the school) to use each day and take home each night. The students will hand the devices back at the end of the school year.​