Computer Club

Computer club is held selected Friday Mornings 7.30am - 8.20am in the Resource Centre. Students trial a range of software programs or iPad applications.


Numbers are limited. All students receive an invitation at the start of their eligible term and enrolments are taken until all spots are filled.

Term One: No Computer Club 

Term Two: Grades 3 and up (sandpit learning time) 

Term Three: Grades 3 and up (picture and design programs)

Term Four: Grades 1 and 2 (with helpers from Grades 4-6).




ADOBE Spark - 




Pictures and diagrams


Make pictures talk!


Your own talking avatar


Create your own games


Movies and music

Flixpress -

Animoto -


Cool art sites


Some web applications to explore:

Creating your own website

Weebly -



Computer Club PB Works test page -

Thinkquest :

Glogster :

Podcasting Tools:

Free play music -

How to podcast in Audacity

Web 2.0 cool tools for schools


Shape collage

Make cool collage pictures using photos (free download – ask for your parent’s permission)


Scratch animation

Create your own animations (free download – ask for your parent’s permission)