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 Mission Statement

Our Lady of Mount  Carmel Catholic School seeks to be a place where children  are educated in faith, life and learning so that they may take their places as purposeful people with the courage, wisdom and will  to embrace the work of Jesus through Gospel values to build a better world.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic School is an inclusive and compassionate community where the  partnership of parents and school, supported by our parish communities, is committed to growing and nurturing our young people in faith and learning that is life-long and life-giving.

With Jesus as our model for faith, we intend to ...

  • help children grow in their knowledge of Christ according to the Catholic tradition by providing opportunities for children to pray, worship and celebrate.
  •  provide opportunities for children to participate in the sacramental life of the church.
  • help children to  understand and use Gospel values to  guide their words and deeds and apply these beliefs and understandings to their daily lives.

With Jesus as our model for living, we intend to

  • develop and nurture positive and mutually supportive relationships among all community members, through collaborative decision-making processes and clear and respectful communication styles.
  • develop and nurture resilience and personal growth for students through  positive behaviour management practices and opportunities for personal development education in safe, supportive, social environments.
  • foster the development of individual potential in ways which are consistent with Gospel values and contribute to the common good.

With Jesus as our model for learning, we intend to

  • provide  a curriculum which is challenging, interesting and focuses on the development of the whole child to reach their full potential
  • acknowledge and support the individual differences and needs of each child.
  • acknowledge and support the role of parents as primary educators of their children in faith, life and learning. 

Service Compassion Respect Wisdom Love Justice Truth