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 Sacramental Program

Parish Sacramental Program
Currently in the Archdiocese of Brisbane sacraments are events prepared for and celebrated in the local parish community - i.e. the parish in which your family regularly worships. If you attend Mount Carmel Church and if your child is baptised and in year 2 or upwards in his/her formal education your child is eligible to prepare to receive Reconciliation, Confirmation and Eucharist through participation in the parish sacrament preparation process. (If you worship elsewhere please enquire at your local parish office for details of their preparation for these sacraments.)
The Parish Sacrament Preparation Process commences with the preparation of children for a first experience of the Sacrament of Reconciliation (2nd Rite Reconciliation) during Term 4 of 2015. Then in the first half of 2016, they are prepared to complete their initiation into the Catholic Church through the celebration of Confirmation and the first reception of Eucharist.
Enrolments for these Sacraments will commence in August/September 2015 and will be advertised in the Parish Newsletter, Our lady of Mt Carmel School Newsletter and a number of Newsletters of local schools.  Please contact Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parish Office on (07) 3397 1587 (Tues-Fri) if you have any questions regarding this program.
SACRAMENT PREPARATION for 2014/15 – enrolments for this closed on 19 September 2014.