Religious Life of the School

Our religious education curriculum is based upon those guidelines recommended by the Catholic Education Centre, Archdiocese of Brisbane.  We strive to integrate these in a way that offers your child a uniquely Catholic curriculum; one that is framed by Christian beliefs and Catholic traditions…….one that enables us to discover and celebrate “Christ in our living”…… one that develops each child’s knowledge and understanding of self, other, our God and the world in which we live.

The “Religious Life of the School Guidelines” link the family faith life and the faith life of the parish to classroom catechesis.  The child lives his/her faith within the family, learns his/her faith in the school and celebrates his/her faith in the parish.  These three aspects of a child’s faith life cannot be separated.  Each aspect complements the other in the overall faith development of the child.
Liturgy and prayer are central to the faith life of Mt Carmel School.  All children are expected to be involved in class prayer, assemblies and liturgical celebrations. Please note the Key Aspects of the Religious Life of Our School Community in the document below.
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