School Board

​Our Pastoral School Board consists of a policy making team with an awareness of the shared ministry in the Church’s education mission.

The Pastoral Board model is an attempt to address two particular issues which have become relevant in today’s church:

(1) A sense of mission; and

(2) Collaborative ministry.


Mission: By choosing Mt Carmel for the primary education of your child, you have contracted to be part of our Christian Community and to strive to fulfil the mission of the school – “that everyone, child and adult, grow spiritually, socially and intellectually into the unique person that God has planned.” This sense of mission underlies all that we do at Mt Carmel.


Collaboration: The collaboration between different partners in such an enterprise is practically fostered by the School Board.

Current Board members include :

  • Stuart ​Ballinger
  • Zoe Scott
  • Nicola Ansell
  • Hayley Gettens (Staff Representative)
  • Fr. Martinho DaCosta O. Carm (Parish Priest)
  • Warren Fields (Principal)
  • Leigh Hopton​ (Assistant Principal)