Religious Education

​Our goal in teaching Religious Education is to assist you, the parent, in nurturing your child’s faith development and Religious literacy. The Assistant to the Principal for Religious Education (APRE) is responsible for the supervision of the school’s Religious Education Program. The teachers follow the R.E. Guidelines as set by the Brisbane Archdiocese in implementing the School Based program.
Religious Education in the contemporary Catholic School comprises two distinct but complementary dimensions – teaching people religion and teaching how to be religious. Teaching people religion is an educational activity focused on the teaching and learning of religion and utilising a range of learning processes and resources. Teaching people to be religious is identified with the religious life of the school and is a faith development activity focused on nurturing the religious, spiritual and faith growth of students.
In 2014 the Mt Carmel Religious Education program was validated by Brisbane Catholic Education for a five year period.

The sacramental programs of Mt Carmel Parish and Regina Caeli Parish are based on the Brisbane Archdiocesan Sacramental Guidelines.  The programs are planned and implemented by each of these parishes.  The role of the school in supporting the parish programs is to continue the teaching of each sacrament from Prep through to Year Six.  The decision to enrol a child in a Preparation Program lies with the parents.  Enrolment of children can be done through the Parish offices:

                        Mt Carmel        3397 1587
                        Regina Caeli    3398 3697
Grade 3 - Sacrament of Confirmation
Grade 4 - Students receive their First Holy Communion
Grade 5 - Sacrament of Penance