Learning at Mt Carmel

The MTC-PB Learning Kit has been developed as a consistent, shared language that can be used by teachers, students and parents to discuss learning and set goals.
The MTC-PB Learning Kit is based around 5 learning strategies with the common theme – 

    “Striving for our Personal Best”

The five strategies in the Learning Kit are applicable to any learning situation – from the classroom, to extra-curricular activities, to home.
The acronym MTC-PB, which stands for our “Mount Carmel Personal Best”, comes from each of the key strategies in the Learning Kit:
The school places a focus on each of these strategies in the classroom environment. 
Our concept poster outlines the strategies being taught to all students at Mt Carmel. 
All Mt Carmel students use Learning Intentions and Success Criteria in combination with the Learning Kit (MTC-PB) to take ownership of their learning. The goal being that all of our students develop skills where they are able to express, “What they are learning”, “How they are going” and “What they need to do next to keep their learning on track”.
The Mt Carmel staff work in partnership with parents to help our students achieve their “Personal Best” in all they do.

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