Religious Life of the School

Our Lady of Mt Carmel seeks to be essentially a faith community. The school provides a vibrant religious education program that incorporates daily classroom prayer, weekly prayer assemblies, class liturgical events, celebration days, parish Family Masses and pastoral care for students by all staff.
We recognize the vital role of the family in passing on the traditions of the Church. It is in the family that children learn and absorb aspects of faith and piety long before they first go to school or become aware of what they are hearing in church.
We enjoy a close relationship with our two parishes – Our Lady of Mt Carmel and Regina Caeli. Preparation for the sacraments of Penance and Initiation are done on a Parish level. While the school is only too happy to support you in this task, we invite you to contact your local parish or a minister of your tradition to clarify the process, which can differ from parish to parish.