Queensland Day Song

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(Shaw / Capra / et al original version 1982 revised version 2009)
CH:  Queensland is our home (clap clap) we’re the lucky ones (clap clap)
        Queensland is the only place to be
        From the Isa to the coast (clap clap) we’ve such a lot to boast (clap clap)
        Queensland is the only place for me.
Verse 1:
In the lucky country there’s a place they call Queensland
Settled in the early days by convicts out of hand
They built it up from nothing they worked until they dropped
Their efforts were not wasted, this state has never stopped
Verse 2:
A barbie on a Sunday, the kids play in the pool
Then on Monday morning its off again to school
Everybody works so hard to help this state along
So come along and join with us as we sing this song
Verse 3:
We love our sport in Queensland, cricket and footy too
The Broncos and The Lions and The Reds to name a few
Swimming, golf and tennis, and netball we all play
Fishing, diving, surfing, that’s the Queensland way
Verse 4:
We’ve sugar cane and fruit and coal, dairy cows and beef
The Islands in the Whitsundays the Great Barrier Reef
The Gold Coast and The Sunshine Coast best beaches anywhere
True to Australia’s anthem we have beauty rich and rare
Verse 5:
Brisbane is the capital of our Sunshine State
A city that has grown and grown since Expo ‘88
Entertainment venues host events of world class fame
And visitors from round the world will be so glad they came
Verse 6:
From places all around the world and in Australia too
People move to Queensland to live here as we do
So we salute you Queensland the country of our birth
We’re so glad that we live in “The Greatest Place on Earth”